Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System

  • IntelliCam ® is a highly accurate ANPR system designed for
  • all weather license plate detection, speed detection, and direct
  • enforcement.
  • Technical Features:
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Highly accurate license plate localization and detection
  • 97% accuracy of the license plate recognition system
  • 98% accuracy of the speed detection system
  • Equipped with overview and ANPR cameras
  • High dynamic range and wide viewing angle cameras
  • Capability of training and reading international license plates
  • Indivisible IR illumination for night and dark environments
  • Adaptive camera calibration system
  • Non-stop, 24 hours/7 days operation
  • IP6 protection



Urban and rural roads

Petrol stations

Toll stations

Car park

Military and Governmental sites



Individual vehicle license plate number

Individual vehicle’s point-to-point and average speed

Cropped image from the license plate number

Digitized and saved plate information in various standard databases

(e.g. SQL)

Graph-based report for traffic flow, speed, and vehicles’ count

Average traveling speed for individual vehicles over the equipped road

and highways