Fard Iran undertook to publish a newsletter as the means to bring its employees and customerscloser. The objectives set for this publication include: increased exchange of training, academic, social, and cultural information inside and outside of Company; distribute inform about new advancements in weighing industry; maintain contacts with customers as the most valuable asset of Company, its subsidiaries and affiliates; activation of the unused potential in the weighing industry; and participations in news media.Fard Iran quarterly was first published in 1995 to address the needs of Company’s internal and external stakeholders. In order to enrich its contents, this quarterly has solicited academic personalities and recognized industry experts to contribute their research and studies for publication.Statistics of subscribers and recipients of earlier issues show that Fard Iran’s quarterly newsletters have been widely received by academics in the related fields.This quarterly started with limited circulations to company managers and supervisors and currently enjoys a circulation of over 10,000 with average content of 48 pages in two languages of Farsi and English. This achievement serves as the driving force for making this quarterly ever richer and more presentable in the future. In order to achieve an even higher circulation, Fard Iran’s newsletter is now available through company portal to all interested individuals and companies.

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