Truck Scale       

A truck scale, also known as a weighbridge, is a large platform that is used to weigh vehicles and their contents. It is typically used to weigh trucks, trailers, and other large vehicles to ensure that they are not exceeding weight limits set by regulations. Truck scales are commonly found at transportation hubs, such as shipping ports, warehouses, and distribution centers. They are essential for ensuring that vehicles are not overloaded, which can lead to safety hazards and damage to roads and infrastructure. In the private sector, each weight reading also has an equivalent financial outcome proportionate to the amount of the product, and thus, truck scales like all scales play an important role in the financial success of a business. This shows the significance of choosing a high-quality vehicle scale and this is how a well-known manufacturer can help.
Fard Iran offers different types of truck scales, mainly categorized as 1) Prefabricated Concrete Deck Truck Scales and 2) Steel Deck Truck Scales. These options are offered in a variety of standard and customized scales which can be either pit-mounted (pit-type) or above-ground (pit-less).

Prefabricated Concrete
Deck Truck Scales

To build this class of truck scales, the concrete is poured and cured in the factory in a controlled environment. Fard Iran’s prefabricated concrete platforms are made under the supervision of experts in the company’s facilities for optimum strength. Utilizing the latest technologies, the company employs a cost-effective approach to build a durable platform for an excellent scale.

Steel Deck Truck Scale

Built with heavy-duty structural steel made by well-known producers, Fard Iran’s design uses more steel within the infrastructure of the scale than most competitor models for a stronger weighbridge. Furthermore, the whole process of cutting, welding, surface preparation, and painting of the steel is done according to Fard Iran’s strict standards, resulting in a superior scale.