Sartorius Germany ‘s top managers in iran

Senior managers Sartorius Germany , the largest and most prestigious cell manufacturers in the world , during a visit of industrial weighing equipment, while visiting the facilities and capabilities of the company , for the continued cooperation and expressed their satisfaction.The German company Sartorius ( formerly Philips ) with a history of over 50 years of design and production, motor load cell manufacturer model PR 6221 ( reference gauge of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran ) as the world’s largest and most prestigious manufacturers of load cells , the production of these products , comprehensive research on the science of metrology in the world and in the meeting on information exchange and technology company Sartorius weighing Electric as the sole exclusive agent in Iran , was emphasize .The leaders gathered at company headquarters electrical equipment, electrical equipment company with glowing praise from activities in the field of design and production of railroad cars and commercial and industrial weighing systems and culture in the Middle East weighing on Iran, to continue mutual cooperation with It was emphasized and called for expansion of these interactions. He also visited the various administrative units, administrative, sales and customer service industrial electrical equipment and visit the company’s technical and commercial capabilities, while emphasizing the ability of the company to attract potential market of Iran and neighboring countries, demanding more business and technology interactions between the two companies.It is worth noting that the company has sold more than 40,000 electric weighing load cells PR6221 Sartorius model and more than 8000 railroad cars in Iran , as the biggest trading partner, Sartorius company in the world to pass 15 years of continued co-operation and the excellence of companies Sartorius and electrical equipment , certificates of appreciation from the German firm was awarded the electrical equipment group CEO.



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