Load Cell             

The scale platform is supported by multiple analog strain gauge load cells, which are the sensors that measure the weight on the scale. As the accuracy of the weight reading is heavily dependent on the quality of the load cell, it is of prime importance to choose the best option based on your application needs. Fard Iran offers a variety of load cells and our experts can help you choose the right option.
One of the most reliable and durable models available worldwide is the load cell model PR6221 made by Minebea intec (previously known as Sartorius). This model is designed specifically for use in truck scales and its outstanding precision and long product lifetime cut service and calibration costs, and help reduce downtimes to a minimum. As a result, this is the load cell that we typically use in our vehicle scales to achieve the highest level of accuracy over a long period of time as we value our customers’ time and money.
Some of the benefits of Minebea intec load cell PR6221:

  • Optimum reliability
  • Accurate measurement results for exact load billing
  • Top fail-safe performance thanks to high lightning protection
  • Optimum protection against waterlogging, frost, and deicing salt
  • Developed for the harshest ambient conditions:
  • Wide usable ambient temperature range: from -40°C to +95°C
  • Withstands water immersion at a depth of 1.5 m for more than 10,000 hours